How Much Vacation Do You Take? | Community | Annual Vacation (YouTube)

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How Much Vacation Do You Take? | Community | Annual Vacation (YouTube)

Here is another simple YT video co-produced with our video partner.

How Much Vacation Do You Take? | Community | Annual Vacation


We asked members of the tech community how much annual vacation they take.

Here are the top results, in 1080HD.

Video story by Primis Tech

Based on discussion:

Royalty free music from Motion Array

Final production by Daemon Media for
Background sound track is called "Caribbean Paradise"

Caribbean Paradise is a music for a sunny beach scene or travel vacation promotion. Acoustic guitars blend with acoustic drum sounds.
Sounds like something wisecracker would have played in one of his club gigs 40 years ago Smilie
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PHP opcodes are generated each time the program is launched and are always interpreted and not just-in-time compiled.
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cf-monitord(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    cf-monitord(8)

cf-monitord - cfengine's monitoring agent SYNOPSIS
: cf-monitord [options] DESCRIPTION
: The monitoring agent is a machine-learning, sampling daemon which learns the normal state of the current host and classifies new observa- tions in terms of the patterns formed by previous ones. The data are made available to and read by cf-agent for classification of responses to anomalous states. cfengine is a self-healing configuration and change management based system. You can think of cfengine as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell. Asingle statement is called a promise, and compliance can result in many hundreds of filesbeing created, or the permissions of many hundreds offiles being set. The idea of cfengine is to create a one or more sets of configu- ration files which willclassify and describe the setup of every host in a network. COMMAND LINE OPTIONS
: --help, -h Print the help message --debug, -d Set debugging level 0,1,2,3 --verbose, -v Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent --dry-run, -n All talk and no action mode - make no changes, only inform of promises not kept --version, -V Output the version of the software --no-lock, -K Ignore system lock --file, -f Specify an alternative input file than the default --inform, -I Print basic information about changes made to the system, i.e. promises repaired --diagnostic, -x Activate internal diagnostics (developers only) --no-fork, -F Run process in foreground, not as a daemon --histograms, -H Ignored for backward compatibility --tcpdump, -T Interface with tcpdump if available to collect data about network AUTHOR
Mark Burgess and CFEngine AS INFORMATION
Bug reports:, .PP Community help: Community info: Support services: This software is Copyright (C) 2008-2013 CFEngine AS. Maintenance Commands cf-monitord(8)

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