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Video: What is Your Favorite Linux Distro? and Primis

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Video: What is Your Favorite Linux Distro? and Primis
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Old 06-13-2019
Video: What is Your Favorite Linux Distro? and Primis

Video: What is Your Favorite Linux Distro? and Primis


With so many great flavors of Linux to choose from, we asked our members what is their favorite Linux distro and why.

Here are the results:

What is your favorite Linux distro?


1080 HD video created by our video partner Primis.

Royalty free music licensed from Motion Array.

Shout outs to quotes in the video from forum members PaulC, pressy and dodona.

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KNIFE-BOOTSTRAP(1)						    Chef Manual 						KNIFE-BOOTSTRAP(1)

knife-bootstrap - Install Chef Client on a remote host SYNOPSIS
knife bootstrap (options) -i, --identity-file IDENTITY_FILE The SSH identity file used for authentication -N, --node-name NAME The Chef node name for your new node -P, --ssh-password PASSWORD The ssh password -x, --ssh-user USERNAME The ssh username -p, --ssh-port PORT The ssh port --bootstrap-version VERSION The version of Chef to install --bootstrap-proxy PROXY_URL The proxy server for the node being bootstrapped --prerelease Install pre-release Chef gems -r, --run-list RUN_LIST Comma separated list of roles/recipes to apply --template-file TEMPLATE Full path to location of template to use --sudo Execute the bootstrap via sudo -d, --distro DISTRO Bootstrap a distro using a template --[no-]host-key-verify Enable host key verification, which is the default behavior. DESCRIPTION
Performs a Chef Bootstrap on the target node. The goal of the bootstrap is to get Chef installed on the target system so it can run Chef Client with a Chef Server. The main assumption is a baseline OS installation exists. This sub-command is used internally by some cloud com- puting plugins. The bootstrap sub-command supports supplying a template to perform the bootstrap steps. If the distro is not specified (via -d or --distro option), an Ubuntu 10.04 host bootstrapped with RubyGems is assumed. The DISTRO value corresponds to the base filename of the template, in other words DISTRO.erb. A template file can be specified with the --template-file option in which case the DISTRO is not used. The sub-com- mand looks in the following locations for the template to use: o bootstrap directory in the installed Chef Knife library. o bootstrap directory in the $PWD/.chef. o bootstrap directory in the users $HOME/.chef. The default bootstrap templates are scripts that get copied to the target node (FQDN). The following distros are supported: o centos5-gems o fedora13-gems o ubuntu10.04-gems o ubuntu10.04-apt The gems installations will use RubyGems 1.3.6 and Chef installed as a gem. The apt installation will use the Opscode APT repository. In addition to handling the software installation, these bootstrap templates do the following: o Write the validation.pem per the local knife configuration. o Write a default config file for Chef (/etc/chef/client.rb) using values from the knife.rb. o Create a JSON attributes file containing the specified run list and run Chef. In the case of the RubyGems, the client.rb will be written from scratch with a minimal set of values; see EXAMPLES. In the case of APT Package installation, client.rb will have the validation_client_name appended if it is not set to chef-validator (default config value), and the node_name will be added if chef_node_name option is specified. When this is complete, the bootstrapped node will have: o Latest Chef version installed from RubyGems or APT Packages from Opscode. This may be a later version than the local system. o Be validated with the configured Chef Server. o Have run Chef with its default run list if one is specfied. Additional custom bootstrap templates can be created and stored in .chef/bootstrap/DISTRO.erb, replacing DISTRO with the value passed with the -d or --distro option. See EXAMPLES for more information. EXAMPLES
Setting up a custom bootstrap is fairly straightforward. Create a .chef/bootstrap directory in your Chef Repository or in $HOME/.chef/boot- strap. Then create the ERB template file. mkdir ~/.chef/bootstrap vi ~/.chef/bootstrap/debian5.0-apt.erb For example, to create a new bootstrap template that should be used when setting up a new Debian node. Edit the template to run the com- mands, set up the validation certificate and the client configuration file, and finally to run chef-client on completion. The bootstrap template can be called with: knife bootstrap --template-file ~/.chef/bootstrap/debian5.0-apt.erb Or, knife bootstrap --distro debian5.0-apt The --distro parameter will automatically look in the ~/.chef/bootstrap directory for a file named debian5.0-apt.erb. Templates provided by the Chef installation are located in BASEDIR/lib/chef/knife/bootstrap/*.erb, where BASEDIR is the location where the package or Gem installed the Chef client libraries. BUGS
knife bootstrap is not capable of bootstrapping multiple hosts in parallel. The bootstrap script is passed as an argument to sh(1) on the remote system, so sensitive information contained in the script will be visi- ble to other users via the process list using tools such as ps(1). SEE ALSO
knife-ssh(1) AUTHOR
Chef was written by Adam Jacob with many contributions from the community. DOCUMENTATION
This manual page was written by Joshua Timberman Permission is granted to copy, distribute and / or modify this docu- ment under the terms of the Apache 2.0 License. CHEF
Knife is distributed with Chef. Chef 10.12.0 June 2012 KNIFE-BOOTSTRAP(1)

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