UNIX.com is getting crushed in google search these days

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AI basically sucks.

That's the most technical terms I can think of based on my experience with all these high tech companies. LOL.

It' really "human engineered stupidity".
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Originally Posted by MichaelFelt
I wonder what "social" problem they are trying to solve now.
Just some guesses: (a) increase profit (b) maximise stock price (c) increase CEOs bonus (d) all of the further.

There is simply no such thing as a "search engine" - there is a "profit generating engine" using search options to generate that profit. Google doesn't want you to find anything. They just use the fact that you are (sometimes - often enough to come back) finding what you search for as the vehicle to generate the profit. Except for that purpose the quality of their search algorithm is of no concern for them.

I mean: we all had to share the infrastructure "roads" with our vehicles, so we created some rules (traffic laws) and chipped all in to enforce them (by paying the police from our taxes). Of course, such things are pure socialism and will never work. The free market can take care of such things far better and exactly how much better it can do that is the state of affairs we encounter with Google (and all the others) today. On one hand the algorithms are sadly broken because nobody is (genuinely - that is, as a primary motive) interested to make them work and on the other hand everybody is convinced that it is better to be found, no matter how. How often i have searched for "X" and gotten a website dealing only with "Y" because some ultra-cool kid thought that being found for "X" AND "Y" generates more traffic than only being found for "Y" alone i cannot count. So, the system is absolutely free (read: FUBAR) from both sides now and isn't that great? "Freedom" means we are free from the means of using things - what a great new world!

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On a similar note (just released today on Research Gate):

A Review of Human Cyber Situation Awareness in Defensive Operations


... where my friend and colleague Robert Gutzwiller has sent me a "shout out", and my reply.

All the best....
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Looks like we have mostly recovered from the "getting crushed" situation, which I started working to remediate around a month ago:


Note: The "error pages" should clear out over time. Google is slow to reindex and revalidate these days. However, when I test all the pages, Google Search Console reports "green" and good to go.
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24 June 2019: #1 on Bing, #9 on Google (for the unix keyword)

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Always focused on the forum users, especially new users, and improving services for our users (meaning those who come here to get answers to their questions); my code changes has resulted in an upward trends in traffic here at UNIX.com:


We have seen about a full 30% increase in traffic from Google search referrals since the beginning of May of 2019 (approximately three months of data).

That's a very big trend reversal, and the site traffic has been on a steady upwards trend since I made a lot of changes, as you can see from the graph above from Google Search Console.

This is especially remarkable considering the Google Trends graph for keywords "unix" and "linux" continue to be on the steady decline, month-over-month and year-over-year.

Always focused on the user and the user experience ..... it's a tremendous amount of work, but it's very rewarding to know we help millions of people every month here at UNIX.com.

Yours faithfully,

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Hi Neo...
Always focused on the user and the user experience ..... it's a tremendous amount of work, but it's very rewarding to know we help millions of people every month here at UNIX.com.
Sadly the 'we' is/are a small number of regular experts that give away their immense knowledge of the subject of which there are about 100 of them out of hundreds of thousands.
It would be nice if some of those helped in the, (distant?), past that are now 'experts' themselves, and also the silent lurkers, chipped in occasionally.
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