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What's your all time favorite UNIX/Linux book?

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? What's your all time favorite UNIX/Linux book?
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Old 07-16-2012
What's your all time favorite UNIX/Linux book?

I can bet everyone has their one favorite book even though we have had read many books on UNIX or Linux. My all time favorite is "Unix Power Tools". This book always made me geeky and I loved the little tricks/tips in the book. I still do!

The next favorite would be "Prentice Hall Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook".

Even though we get carried away by virtualization, zones, LPAR, nPAR, vPAR, and God knows what more, we still feel a little nostalgic when somebody talks about age old chroot or BSD jails, dont we?

So what's that book of yours that always gives you reason to know more?

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DERIVATIONS(7)						Derivations of Applied Mathematics					    DERIVATIONS(7)

derivations - book: Derivations of Applied Mathematics DESCRIPTION
Understandably, program sources rarely derive the mathematical formulas they use. Not wishing to take the formulas on faith, a user might nevertheless reasonably wish to see such formulas somewhere derived. Derivations of Applied Mathematics is a book which documents and derives many of the mathematical formulas and methods implemented in free software or used in science and engineering generally. It documents and derives the Taylor series (used to calculate trigonometrics), the Newton-Raphson method (used to calculate square roots), the Pythagorean theorem (used to calculate distances) and many others. READING THE BOOK
Among other ways, you can read the book on your computer screen by opening the file /usr/share/doc/derivations/ with the gv(1) program under X(7). To print the book on a standard postscript printer, just zcat(1) then lpr(1) the same file. FILES
/usr/share/doc/derivations/ the book in postscript format /usr/share/doc/derivations/derivations.pdf.gz the book in PDF BUGS
The book is a work in progress. AUTHOR
The book and this manpage are written by Thaddeus H. Black, who also maintains the Debian package derivations in which they are distrib- uted. Users who need to contact the author in his role as Debian package maintainer can reach him at <>. However, most e- mail will naturally be about the book itself: this should be sent to <>. COPYLEFT
Copyright (C) 1983-2010 Thaddeus H. Black. The book, this manpage and the entire derivations distribution are free software. You can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. SEE ALSO
gv(1) [gv], zcat(1) [gzip], psselect(1) [psutils], lpr(1) [lpr], octave(1) [octave] Thaddeus H. Black 10 March 2010 DERIVATIONS(7)

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