Difference between : Locked User Account & Disabled User Accounts in Linux ?

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Difference between : Locked User Account & Disabled User Accounts in Linux ?

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I don't think these terms have official meanings in UNIX. One can disable an account in several ways: (1) replace the password field with "x", (2) set to 0 the day in /etc/shadow that indicates the password has expired, (3) replace the user's shell with /bin/false or a custom program which does not allow the user to do anything useful and is not in /etc/shells (4) remove the passwd (or shadow or both) entry for that user.
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Thanks For ur reply.

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The Linux passwd command seems to draw a distinction. It has -l and -u to lock and unlock an account. It does this by adding a !! to the front of the encrypted password to lock, and removing that !! to unlock. There is a -d for disable and it replaces the encrypted password with just a !! and obviously this is not so easily reversible.

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