write value to a file

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write value to a file


i have the bellow code

echo enter student number
read num
echo $num > ./st/file1

i got the bellow error
': not a valid identifier

and num value is not written in file1 (it's actullay remove the value i saved before in a file1 with an empty line ) Smilie

when i try to write something like

read num > ./st/file1
i did not get any error but still the num value is not sotred in file1

can u plz help me with this !!
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no one can help me !!
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The code is correct if you're using bash.
# 4  
i'm using sh command to run my script...

If the file is exists before,,, and im trying to overwrite it , the code is still valid or i have to change something !!!

because i used the same code in another place trying to write a value in a file just created and it works fine..

i appreciate your reply 'redoubtable'

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Generally sh is just a symbolic link to your real shell. In my case /bin/sh points to bash.

Show me where your /bin/sh points to (ls -l /bin/sh)
# 6  
here u go
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I'm afraid that didn't show the actual shell you're using. Which OS/distro are you running?

Possible workarounds are installing bash or revising if the file where you're executing that code has something else other than that code. There's no ':' in your code that could provoke that error.

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