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Question about query

I am using SCO Unix, and inside have forte software which is similar with MySQL to store our product data. I am trying to print out serial number.

I use the following code and get result is like
'T'erminal, 'P'rinter, or 'F'ile? T
Serial Number

This is right, but I want it horizontally to print out, one by one. How can I do? Who knows about this software?
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Select File instead of terminal.
Then use tr on the output file you just made
tr -s '\n' ' ' < myfile > newfile

newfile will have everything one one line.
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If you want to ignore the first 2 lines you can use sed with tr:

sed -n '3,$p' file | tr '\n' ' ' > newfile

or with awk:

awk 'NR > 2{printf("%s ", $0)}' file > newfile


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