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How to Convert to CSH File

Hi Everyone,

I have a body of code that I'd like to know how to convert to a csh file.

In Unix, under a directory, I wish to ls into each of its subdirectories:

In Unix prompt I type

foreach i(*)
foreach? ls $i
foreach? end

however, when I try to store this body of code in .csh:

foreach i(*)
ls $i

and run the .csh file, it doesn't work.

Can anyone help?

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Hammer & Screwdriver

After writing and saving, do the following

>chmod +x

This is change the parameter on the file to make executable.
# 3  

I am impressed by the speed of the reply. Smilie

I performed the suggested actions, and please see below for the results:

#!/bin/csh -f
foreach i(*)
ls $i

lc-sj1-1436{user}734: chmod +x
lc-sj1-1436{user}735: csh
foreach: Words not parenthesized.

Please advise.


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