Question About Getting Line Numbers in a File

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Old 08-19-2008
Question About Getting Line Numbers in a File

Ok, this is a unique question.

Say I have a word like "jamamamama" in a file called

Now, how do you get the line number that the word "jamammama" exist in the file without having to go into the file to edit it?

is there a command i can run on the command to get the line number?
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Old 08-19-2008
Try grep -n [filename]
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Old 08-20-2008
It should be like this,
grep -n "jamamamama" [filename]

- nilesh
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Old 08-20-2008
awk '/pattern/ { print NR }' filename

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Old 08-20-2008
$ sed -n '/jamamamama/=' filename

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