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Remove whitespaces between comma separated fields from file

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Old 06-13-2008
Remove whitespaces between comma separated fields from file

Hello all,

I am a unix dummy. I am trying to remove spaces between fields. I have the file in the following format

12332432, 2345 , asdfsdf ,100216 , 9999999
12332431, 2341 , asdfsd2 ,100213 , 9999999

& would like to make it


I would appreciate it greatly if there is a command to do this.

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Old 06-13-2008
sed 's/ //g' infile > outfile


awk '{$1=$1;OFS=""}1' infile > outfile

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Old 06-14-2008
Bug Thanks Rubin

The sed command did not give me what I was looking for but the awk worked great

Thanks a million

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