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Sending email attachments

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Old 06-05-2008
Sending email attachments

I've search the forum, but I cannot find an answer to my specific question. I'm trying to send some files to my professor. Upon his request, I used the following:

tar -cvf vh.tar vh_part1.c vh_part2.c vh_part3.c vh_part4.c vh_sample_run15.txt uuencode vh.tar vh.tar > proj1 mail < proj1

I get the following error message:
"No such file or directory".

So, instead of using proj1 as the redirect, I used one of my directories--which obviously didn't work. I'm at an impasse...I was wondering if anyone here could assist. He insists this is correct. I've tried it in both my home directory and the directory that actually contains the vh_partX.c files. Thanks for any info,


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Old 06-06-2008
tar your stuff, then
(echo "some mail body" | uuencode myfile.tar myfile.tar) | mail -s "some subject"

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Old 06-06-2008
Your posting shows all the commands as a single line. But those are multiple commands, and should be issued on separate lines. You should hit Return before "uuencode" and before "mail". (Maybe this is just a posting formatting error and not the real problem, though.)

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