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Opening a Unix File in Windows.

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Old 02-22-2008
Opening a Unix File in Windows.

Hi folks,
I have a file in unix box as abc.xls and i have a file in windows box as abc_win.xls. Now if i open the file abc_win.xls which is in windows, i have to get the datas of the file abc.xls which is in unix. Everytime i opens the abc_win.xls file, the updated datas of file abc.xls should be shown. Can anyone help me finding out the solution for this?
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Old 02-22-2008
if you have editor like "edit plus", you can open a file which is in Unix from your windows machine.
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Old 02-22-2008
hey i mean, i will have a excel file icon on my desktop. if i double-click that and open it, the unix file should open in the excel sheet.
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Old 02-22-2008
You could use Samba or NFS and export the directory that contains the XL file. Or later versions of XL will search for ftp sites
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Old 02-26-2008
thank u for ur post. But can u plz be more clear on it??
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Old 02-26-2008
Samba is a Unix/Linux program that emulates Microsoft SMB protocol. With it you can see a Unix/Linux directory in network neighborhood.
NFS does essentially the same thing except that you need a Windows NFS client as well.
In both cases you make the directory available to share to some or all users.
With Office 2003 you can add FTP Locations in the File_Open dialog box. This way all you need is to have an FTP server running on your Unix box.
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Old 03-07-2008
Hi, i dont want to connect each time using the excel. the connection should be configured predefined. The user who opens the file should not do anything except opening it by double clicking.
Please tell me in briefly, i am new to unix.


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