Help Needed using utmp file!

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Help Needed using utmp file!


I am working on a small assignment where i need to extract the login information of currently logged in users in a Linux client-server environment.I am able to extract only the userID,IP/HOST name,TTY,device name,GID,PID and login time using the structure 'utmp'.Also when i am saving the inforamtion in a particular file the GID and PID columns are blank in the saved file.Can Anyone explain why?..Smilie

Also i want to also display the information about the last access time of a user.Can this be done??.Smilie

Please Help!!:Smilie
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How exactly you are using utmp ? locate on my local Fedora produces :
locate utmp
Which one you are using and how ? Why not use "finger" "last" "who" ?
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i also have problem like yours

i also want to get users list and their login time, but i can't use utmp,

i think you can use utmp, can't you?

would you like to show me the code use utmp to get the users name and etc?


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