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So, like, I signed on with a new hosting company...

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Old 07-29-2007
So, like, I signed on with a new hosting company...

... and there was absolutely nothing installed except fedora and ssh. I used yum to install vsftp and httpd, both start and ps shows they're running, and yet I can't connect with either of them. Where on earth or in redhat do I begin looking to unravel this one? I've overseen a server before but they were always set up and working as a web server when I began. This is a value package so I don't expect much support from the host company - tho what they did for their set up fee I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm semi-competant but by no means an expert, so all guidance is welcome here.

I set up one user and can connect as root and as that user using ssh, and transfer files using the ssh file transfer interface (I assume scp will work too).

While I'm here, how does one go about changing the name of a server? I mean, when I log in, the prompt is user@ip address> Can that be changed or altered to have the name instead of the ip?

Oh, is it better to install httpd first and then things like perl and php, or the other way around, or does it matter?

Thanks for your insights.
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Old 07-29-2007
Perhaps checking your SELINUX or asking them about ports and such?

Do you have a full un-restricted through put on the correct IP?

and as for changing the hostname

"hostname [new-host-name]"

on the command line should fix that Smilie

by the way, what is the hosting company your with? (PM me if you want to avoid slander!)

also if you

"YUM INSTALL php5" then it will install PHP aswell as all the dependencies (such as HTTPD and other such too Smilie

("YUM INSTALL php-mysql" for the PHP-Mysql Connectors Smilie


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Old 07-29-2007
> Do you have a full un-restricted through put on the correct IP?

supposed to.

> Perhaps checking your SELINUX or asking them about ports and such?

I don't know selinux. If I can't sort this out I'll have to ask about ports.

> "hostname [new-host-name]"


> what is the hosting company your with?

pm sent.

> "YUM INSTALL php5"

'nothing to do' - I guess it installed with httpd

> "YUM INSTALL php-mysql"

done. It even installed the perl-dbi.

Thanks for the input but aside from the note about selinux I still can't get through.

[ edit ]

yum reports libselinux.i386 is installed... but it is disabled in the config file and is not running.

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Old 07-29-2007
After exhausting every avenue I could think of I contacted tech support and it was indeed a problem with the ports. Fixed now. Thanks boarderstu for the feedback. You've alerted me to things I never knew about and given me plenty to look into.

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