how to read double consecutive space in filename for bash shell

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Old 07-17-2007
how to read double consecutive space in filename for bash shell


Im using cygwin app which we use the bash shell for scripting.
Im trying to read a filename with consecutive spaces on the filename
ex: filename<space><space>1.txt

ls -lrt filename<space><space>1.txt is working but when I pull that from a file and place it into variable. it reads only as single space: filename<space>1.txt

cat samp.txt

var1=`cat samp.txt |sed -n -2p |awk '{print $NF}'`
echo $var1

Please advice how to read double consecutive spaces. Is there any escape characters?
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Old 07-17-2007
Space has a special meaning for the shell as a field separator and
it treats multiple spaces as one.
You have two ways of displaying the two spaces:
cat input_file | \
while read mLine
  echo "mLine = <"$mLine">"

cat input_file | \
while read mLine
  echo "mLine = <$mLine>"

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