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Left click select,right click copy

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Old 06-11-2007
Left click select,right click copy

Hi all,

when i ssh into my linux machine, i can do a double left click and then right click to paste it anywhere i need.

However, on the actual machine, in the terminal, i cannot do a double left click and right click to paste it. i need to right click and select Copy followed by click click and 'Paste' at the target location.

How can i set my terminal to allow the same double left click and then right click to paste?

i managed to find the solution to my problem. in ssh, i could do a paste with the right click because the ssh program is configured to do so. If i am in the actual machine, opening a terminal, the paste function can be achieved by clicking on the centre button or the wheel, depending on what kind of mouse i am using.

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Old 06-11-2007
I guess this will depend on the UNIX flavor you have and the terminal, I'd suggest asking the local unix admin.

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