How can i set up Software disk mirroring(Raid1) in SCO 5.0.5 with two SCSI harddisk ?

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How can i set up Software disk mirroring(Raid1) in SCO 5.0.5 with two SCSI harddisk ?

thank u very much,
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You must purchase a seperate liscense from SCO in order to perform software level raid on SCO Openserver 5. Now let me say this... I have weighed out the advantages of software vs hardware level raid. Software level raid will use some of your cpu processing cycles. Can you live with that? Hardware level raid requires a raid controller... adaptec.. dpt... hp.. compaq.. they all make them. Advantages are... doesn't use cpu processing cycles.. and generally offer faster response time due to on-board caching. You might want to check out SCO's website for their raid product. oh.. just so you know.. Caldera purchased SCO so you will be redirected to the Caldera site... but the SCO products and support are there.

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