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multiple input search and replace script

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Old 03-21-2007
multiple input search and replace script

i want to create a script that will search and replace the values inside a particular file. i have 5 files that i need to change some values inside and i don't want to use vi to edit these files. All the inputted values on the script below will be passed into the files.

cho ""
echo "Domain_name "
read domain_name
echo "Work path Name : "
read wk_path_name
echo "Server Name 1: "
read server1name
echo "Admin Port: 1: "
read adminport1
echo "Server Name 2: "
read servername2

echo "Admin Port: 2: "
read adminport2
echo "Multicast Addr :"
read mcast_addr
echo "Multicast Port :"
read mcast_port

for i in list.txt do
cat $i |sed -e 's/oldpattern/$domain_name/g' $i > $i".new"

1. how to pass the values entered from "read" command thru the "oldpattern"?
2. how to pass the values without creating a new file? is there any way.
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Old 03-22-2007
For your qn1,
below one will be a solution...

read oldval
read newval
while read line
sed 's/'$oldval'/'$newval'/g' $line >$line".new"

For your qn2.,
I believe there is no other way other than creating a temp file which contains the output of sed command and then renaming it to the original filename...
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Old 03-22-2007
For q2, GNU sed has -i option
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Old 04-29-2007
Script to replace :
[root@unixguy ~]# cat
read oldval
read newval
while read line
sed 's/'$oldval'/'$newval'/g' $line >$line".new"

Script I ran
[root@unixguy ~]# ./
sed: can't read /home/sriram/test: No such file or directory
./ line 3: $line".new": ambiguous redirect
[root@unixguy ~]# cat test
jshsyh hshhshsh kkkshshhshsh kjsjjsjsj ksjsjj js
jshsyh hshhshsh kkkshshhshsh kjsjjsjsj ksjsjj js
home-world hshhshsh kkkshshhshsh kjsjjsjsj ksjsjj js

can u advice where i am going wrong ???

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