free space for load servers

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Java free space for load servers


How do we check the free space for load servers?Is there any 'df'
command available for this?Your help is appreciated.

With Regards
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What is your definition of a "load server"?

Are you talking about load averages, or disk space utilisation? Please clarify your request.

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piece more :
load average with : "uptime"
15:32:59 up 7 days,  4:53,  0 users,  load average: 0.51, 0.52, 0.45

df -h or df -m ( AIX ) to check the space, or "fdisk -l" or "df -sch" for the current folder, etc. There are many options, as zazzybob pointed out - please clarify.
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By the term loadserver i meant a suse linux server using bash shell purposefully for running the cron,and holding backups resulting from the process done by web-interface and database.

I am facing some capacity problems in my server.So i am doing a debug on the same.For this i need the capacity allowted for a specific application in the load server.

'df' was not helping me in the right sense.
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vmstat, top, netstat for example
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I recenlty used this :
vmstat -n 300 > /tmp/vmstat-log 2>&1 &

It will collect vmstat with 200 seconds interval, thus will be able to see the load on the server for a long period of time. When you decide to see the stats, put the process back in foreground and just cat the file.
Alternatively, you may wish to install "dstat", it will show you some extended system loads.

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