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desktop cube

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Old 10-18-2006
desktop cube

hey. i was wondering if some one could tell me how to get install this on my open suse linux.

it looks pretty handy, but im new to linux and im unsure how to proceed.


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COLUMN(1)							   User Commands							 COLUMN(1)

column - columnate lists SYNOPSIS
column [options] file... DESCRIPTION
The column utility formats its input into multiple columns. Rows are filled before columns. Input is taken from file or, by default, from standard input. Empty lines are ignored. OPTIONS
-c, --columns width Output is formatted to a width specified as number of characters. -t, --table Determine the number of columns the input contains and create a table. Columns are delimited with whitespace, by default, or with the characters supplied using the separator. Table output is useful for pretty-printing. -s, --separator separators Specify possible table delimiters (default is whitespace). -o, --output-separator separators Specify table output delimiter (default is two whitespaces). -x, --fillrows Fill columns before filling rows. -h, --help Print help and exit. ENVIRONMENT
The environment variable COLUMNS is used to determine the size of the screen if no other information is available. EXAMPLES
sed 's/#.*//' /etc/fstab | column -t BUGS
The util-linux version 2.23 changed -s option to be non-greedy, for example: $ printf "a:b:c 1::3 " | column -t -s ':' old output: a b c 1 3 new output (since util-linux 2.23) a b c 1 3 SEE ALSO
colrm(1), ls(1), paste(1), sort(1) HISTORY
The column command appeared in 4.3BSD-Reno. AVAILABILITY
The column command is part of the util-linux package and is available from util-linux October 2010 COLUMN(1)

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