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DOS command for ps

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DOS command for ps

I have navigated every DOS and UNIX FAQ to find the DOS equivalent of the UNIX ps command (ps -f would be even better) but all listings of DOS<>UNIX commands do not have it (they all have the same basic commands listed). DOS must have a way of detecting running processes and TSRs. mem /c is the closest thing i can come up with from these lists. Please tell me what that might be. I realize that this is UNIX help not DOS help but do not know any DOS forums, please direct me to where I may find this answer if I am in the wrong place. Thank you,

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Maybe this link is what you are interested in.
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It seems one needs the 2003 resource kit to use the pmon command.
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While the link was not useful, I thank you for your prompt reply, and I did find the answer. It seems one must obtain the 2003 resource kit to et the pmon command, which it says is what will do it.
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DOS is a single-tasking operating system. There is no process list because it does not have them. It's just one process, all the time.

Terminate-and-stay-resident programs can't be easily listed because they're not really part of the operating system. They hook software interrupts to call their code, which are not a part of DOS at all, in fact they're part of the processor itself.
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2003 resource kit? That's not DOS, that's Windows.
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Originally Posted by Corona688
2003 resource kit? That's not DOS, that's Windows.
That is what the OP means.

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