Solaris 9 NIS user creation issue

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Old 09-29-2006
Solaris 9 NIS user creation issue

Helloo to all...

what is the correct way to assign a password to a new NIS user on a NIS master server?

When I the following:
useradd -s /bin/bash -d /export/home/username -m username

The user get created fine but when I try to assign a password I get:

#passwd username
Changing nis password for username on (servername)
Current password:

I dont understand why i get this when the user was just created. Thanks in advance to all who reply......
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newkey(1M)                                                System Administration Commands                                                newkey(1M)

newkey - create a new Diffie-Hellman key pair in the publickey database SYNOPSIS
newkey -h hostname [-s nisplus | nis | files | ldap] newkey -u username [-s nisplus | nis | files | ldap] DESCRIPTION
newkey establishes new public keys for users and machines on the network. These keys are needed when using secure RPC or secure NFS ser- vice. newkey prompts for a password for the given username or hostname and then creates a new public/secret Diffie-Hellman 192 bit key pair for the user or host. The secret key is encrypted with the given password. The key pair can be stored in the /etc/publickey file, the NIS pub- lickey map, or the NIS+ cred.org_dir table. newkey consults the publickey entry in the name service switch configuration file (see nsswitch.conf(4)) to determine which naming service is used to store the secure RPC keys. If the publickey entry specifies a unique name service, newkey will add the key in the specified name service. However, if there are multiple name services listed, newkey cannot decide which source to update and will display an error mes- sage. The user is required to specify the source explicitly with the -s option. In the case of NIS, newkey should be run by the superuser on the master NIS server for that domain. In the case of NIS+, newkey should be run by the superuser on a machine which has permission to update the cred.org_dir table of the new user/host domain. In the case of NIS+, nisaddcred(1M) should be used to add new keys. newkey cannot be used to create keys other than 192-bit Diffie-Hellman. In the case of LDAP, newkey should be run by the superuser on a machine that also recognizes the directory manager's bind distinguished name (DN) and password to perform an LDAP update for the host. OPTIONS
-h hostname Create a new public/secret key pair for the privileged user at the given hostname. Prompts for a password for the given hostname. -u username Create a new public/secret key pair for the given username. Prompts for a password for the given username. -s nisplus Update the database in the specified source: nisplus (for NIS+), nis (for NIS), files, or ldap (LDAP). Other sources may be -s nis available in the future. -s files -s ldap ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcsu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
chkey(1), keylogin(1), nisaddcred(1M), nisclient(1M), nsswitch.conf(4), publickey(4), attributes(5) NOTES
NIS+ might not be supported in future releases of the SolarisTM Operating Environment. Tools to aid the migration from NIS+ to LDAP are available in the Solaris 9 operating environment. For more information, visit SunOS 5.10 13 Nov 2003 newkey(1M)

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