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I need some help in Linux-Mandrake

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Old 11-08-2001
Error Modem and CDROM trouble in Linux

OK, well i got it now, but im having alil but of trouble.....Im running mandrake and Im loving it, te little tux racer game...heh heh, but to the point here, Im trying to access my CD-ROM drive from the KDE desktop, and an error prompt shows up and says, "you do not have access rights to this..." or something close to that, i tried logginf on as root but no luck, Im also not sure, I have an HSP56 MR modem, when i try to connect to the internet through linux it says cannnot detect modem...please help!!! thank you lots! Smilie

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Old 11-08-2001
Most "HSP" or Win-Modems are not supported under Linux. Check out http://www.linmodems.org/ to see if there is any info on your model. If you can't get it working, any external modem should work great under Linux.
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Old 11-08-2001
what do you mean...like a cable modem??

I think you mean a cable maodem but im not sure, I dont have ne money as a 15 yr old. A job woulndt even help me and my parents barely believe in the internet itself so you see where im coming from hopefully, well thank you if you have any more advice for me... Smilie
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