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procmail code help

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procmail code help


I was wondering if my code is correct on a procmail recipe I am trying to use. I am trying to set up custom filter for for my email address. What needs to happen is any email NOT addressed to me in the to: or cc: field is deleted.

For the time being it is set it up to go to another folder instead of deleting only for testing purposes to make sure it is functioning correctly.

This is what I have

* ! to:.*myemail@domain\.com.*

Does this seem correct for what I want it to do?


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AutoReply(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					    AutoReply(3pm)

News::AutoReply - derivative of News::Article for generating autoreplies SYNOPSIS
use News::AutoReply; $reply = News::AutoReply->new($message); DESCRIPTION
Like News::Article, but must be given a reference to another article at creation time - initialises To, In-Reply-To, References etc. correctly as an automatic reply. USAGE
use News::AutoReply; Exports nothing. Constructor new ( ORIGINAL ) Construct an autoreply to a message, assuming that the Reply-To (if present, otherwise the From) header of "ORIGINAL" is valid. Returns a new Article object with no body or envelope sender, but with suitable headers. If an environment variable LOOP is defined, it is used as the contents of an X-Loop header added to the reply (this is useful when using this code in progs launched from a procmail recipe). Always preserves X-Loop headers in the original. The reference-folding code could probably be improved. AUTHOR
Andrew Gierth <> SOURCE
Contact the author. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1997 Andrew Gierth <> This code may be used and/or distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2010-04-03 AutoReply(3pm)

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