Loop Through Files in Order and mapping

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Old 11-21-2015
Loop Through Files in Order and mapping

Hi there,

How can I loop through files with order.

I tried using ls .html | sort -v

However the filename is with spaces:
1233.61.47.0 - nexpose.html

Here is the original code that is working well, but I need to sort through the filename.
echo "<center>"
for file in *.html
	echo "$file"
echo "</center>"

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Old 11-21-2015
You could try something like:
echo '<html><center>'
for file in *.html
do	printf '<dd>%s</dd>\n' "$file"
echo '</center></html>'

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Old 11-21-2015
What sort operation would you need that ls with/without sort would not provide?
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