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blink message..

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Old 03-20-2006
blink message..

hi all..
i need to know, how i can put a message on motd file...when the user loggon and the server send a welcome message but blink message...
thank you...
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Old 03-21-2006
"Your mileage may vary"

You can put the following codes in which will turn on the related parameter - how it will look may be different with each software package you use to connect to your server.

To insert the escape sequence in vi, use Control-V, ESC key. It should put ^[ into your file. Then add another [ and the code.
^[[5m turns on blinking (which may or may not actually blink due to how your software emulates vt100 characteristics)
0 - turn off attributes
1 - Bold
4 - Underline
5 - Blinking
7 - Reverse video

Remember that most important is to turn off the attributes - in some cases, this will change how the user's view is seen since a user could like everything in reverse video and this will change that - but it's probably better than leaving reverse on since most people probably don't use it as default.

^[[1m ^[[5m This text is bold and blinking ^[[0m

Putting the above line in a simple text file such as motd should make the text bold and blinking - you can't just copy paste this though. You have to use the Control-V to get the ESCape character into the file. Test it out first so you can see what may or may not work for you. I use Putty and it doesn't change the text to blinking - it just turns the background gray and the letters to the color white (while normally I have black background and yellow letters).
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