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Mac OS X

I'm new to unix , I am a Technical Support Engineer in Macintosh Platform . We have here a new OS which is a unix based the Mac OS X, could you pls tell me what book should i buy so i could used the feature of our new OS. And what other programs should I install ?
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Thanks for the reply neo. I already visited that site. Yesterday we have set up our OS X server but we could not configure our DNS due to some error though we execute the command /etc/named.conf we encountered the error permission denied though i entered as root. Hope you could give me feedback the soonest possible. Thanks again!

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Please post the following:
[list=1][*]The output of the command ... id (tells the info about your user id).[*]The output of the command ls -l /etc/named.conf.[*]The exact error message you received when you got your error!![/list=1]

From the list above, the team at UNIX.COM can proceed to help.
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Thanks neo
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Just a quickie

Just a couple of quick notes,

1. Please make sure to get the upgrade to the 10.1 version of the Mac OSX release, at your Apple store or available by mail from apple at no charge. IT is only in CD form, no downloads.

2. Please note that Netinfo, how MAcOSX does it's networking, is vastly different from the unix standard for networking tools and such. It does NOT work with NIS and NIS+ as of my last readup, and it does have some quirks that Apple knows best, their info is the default on that one.


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Hi loadc! I appreciate your idea and thank you for the reply. I'm soliciting some help because setting up the dns for the Mac OS X server includes the configuration of BIND (BIND is the name of the program that implements the DNS in the OS X server) to which I'm not familiar and I believed that the Unix Administrator are more expert with this one. It says here that I should modify the configuration file and the zone file in order to set up BIND but how can I do that ?

Thanks Again

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