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finding out tables not used in scripts.

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script to search for the contents of a file

Hi all,

Please see my requirement and post me asap.

Spool all the tables names into a file . Take each table name and check if it is present in any of the scripts in a directory using grep -il command. The script has to loop through the tables list and take each table and find it's presence in directory. After this exercise, we need to get the list of tables that not present in any of the scripts.

As I am beginner to this shell scripting, I have given the below logic for this to be done. Logic can be same , but I want a clean debugged script.
I am not able to use the variables properly. Please let me know how to use the variables in this case.


for i in all_tables.txt (this is the spooled file which contains the table names)


tbl= head -i all_tables.txt|tail -1

search=grep -il tbl *

if(test -z $search)

then echo ${tbl}>>unused (I wanted to created a file with all the tables which are not used in the scripts)



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Looks like a homework assignment?
# 3  
Hellooo sir...

As I told already I am new to this shell scripting...
I need this immediately....

Please give me some solution...

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Allow me to re-phrase the question. Is this for a homework assignment?
# 5  
No... this is not a home work assignment...
I am working in Unix and Oracle environment.
This script is to automate the manual work I have to do if there is no such script. I don't have time to work
# 6  
I see. Please post your actual script and outline the specific problems you are having with it. Include actual error messages if applicable. Someone in the forum may be able to assist.
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finding out tables not used in scripts.

I need to findout the list of tables that are not being used in scripts.

Towards that, I need to do the following activities:

1) I have all the table names in a file called tables.txt

2) Take each table name from tables.txt and Check if it is present in any of the scripts in kshscripts directory (which has all ksh scripts and which uses the tables) using grep command.

3) The script has to loop through the contents of tables.txt one by one and take each table name and find it's presence in /kshscripts directory

4) We need to get the list of tables that is not present in any of the scripts.

I don't have much experiance in shell script, Please let me know how i can accomodate the above requirement.

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