Insert text into a file using shell script

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Insert text into a file using shell script


I need to insert "Hello World" text into a file called hai.txt using shell scripting. Kindly help me.

For eg: If I open the file hai.txt by giving linux command cat hai.txt, the content of the file should have the text Hello World in it.

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You can redirect the output of echo to file.
echo "Hello world." > Hi.txt

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for creating new file/overriding data into file
echo "Hello World" > hai.txt

for appending data into file
echo "Hello World" >> hai.txt

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That said this look very much homework...
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Thanks for all your replies.

Could be explain me with a simple example of EOF in shell. I am very much confused with this.

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There is a special forum for class assignment / Homework with special rule you must follow
Unless you justify it is not homework the thread is closed

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