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Replacing values in a column if they equal a certain value

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Replacing values in a column if they equal a certain value


I have a tab delimited text file where some lines have the string "NA" in the second column. For these lines, I want to replace NA with the value in the first column, the symbol underscore followed by the value in the fourth column. How do I go about doing that? Thanks!


1       rs1933024       0       244859  0       2
1       NA      0       608390  0       2
1       rs12565286      0       761153  0       2
1       NA      0       763682  0       2

1       rs1933024       0       244859  0       2
1       1:608930      0       608390  0       2
1       rs12565286      0       761153  0       2
1       1:763682      0       763682  0       2

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What have you tried so far?
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I tried grepping the lines containing NAs and replacing them with the new values using:

grep "NA" input |  awk '{print $1,$1,$4,$3,$4,$5,$6;} | sed 's/ /:/2' > output

Then I would grep the lines not containing NAs and use cat the concatenate the two.

However the problem with this approach is that the line order changes and I would like to keep that intact if possible.

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awk '$2 == "NA" {$2=$1":"$4} 1' OFS="\t" infile

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