Create csv with output filenames and file size

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Create csv with output filenames and file size

Hello All,

Here is seeking a bit of help in trying to solve a problem.

I am required to create a csv file as shown below:
output.csv ->

by listing output_1, output_2,... , output<N> as header separated by a comma in line 1 for all file names in a particular directory and their corresponding file names and file size(s) separated by a colon in line 2

I've tried to use the code shown below but I'm having trouble trying to resolve the value of the parameter in the log.

#capture the file size of output files
typeset -i op_cnt=1;
ls -lrt <dirname>|awk '{FS = ",|[ \t]+"} NR>1 { print $9, $5 }'|tr " " ":"|while read line
op_file_$op_cnt=`echo $line`
op_val_$op_cnt="echo \$$op_file_$op_cnt"
op_val_$op_cnt=`eval $op_val_$op_cnt`
echo "$op_file_$op_cnt=$op_val_$op_cnt" >> <output.csv>

Requesting your help and expert guidance.
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Could you use code tags? Thanks
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Please use code tags when posting code fragments or data samples.

Also you did not mention what OS or SHELL you are using!

Here is a KSH code using Indexed Arrays:

typeset -a File_Array

for file in *
        (( ++c ))
        File_Array[$c]="$file:$(stat --printf=%s $file)"

for k in ${!File_Array[@]}
        [[ ! -z "$header" ]] && header="${header},output_${k}" || header="output_${k}"
        [[ ! -z "$fields" ]] && fields="${fields},${File_Array[$k]}" || fields="${File_Array[$k]}"

print "$header"
print "$fields"

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Thank you for your replies. I will ensure I use code tags when I write code henceforth.

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