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Regarding executing sql query in shell script

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Regarding executing sql query in shell script


I have one SQL file prepared in UNIX and one script that is executing that.

In SQL i have Update and create queries.

I want to introduce conditions in SQL file (in UNIX) that if either of the create or update query failes whole transaction should be rollback.

I just have 1 create and 2 update and i dont want to work on SQL as i want this to be sorted out using shell scripting,

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Its possible to do that,
if you can share your SQL and shell scripts, with your requirement can help you.
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Hi Sanjeev,

in SQL file i am just connecting to DB. Please find the flow. I jsut need how to add unix command when you are executing any sql query in shell script
please find the flow

drop a previous back up table
<add check here for success>???
Create query for backup of original table
<add check here for success>???
first Update statement on original table
<add check here for success>???
second Update statement on original table
<add check here for success>???

In shell script i am specifying connection properties
removal and then writing the log files
executing the .sql file created above.

I want to check of success of each sql statement then only i have to move to next statement.


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