I am not able to use variables in system command in a C program

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Old 01-24-2013
Linux I am not able to use variables in system command in a C program

this method is not working.I am having a problem to use variables in system command. i cannot use the variables in system command.
this how i was did
system("whereis command");

this method works very fine. but, i want use the commands as variable.
that means i want only pass the variables.
like this
system("whereis variable");


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Old 01-24-2013
You should allocate a char variable, fill it with the string constant "whereis " (e.g. sprintf) and the contents of your user input variable (e.g. strcpy), and supply that to the system call.
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Old 01-24-2013
i have already allocate the variable for that my code is
char cmd[20];
printf("enter you string);
system("whereis cmd");

this cmd is not working for example.
if give the input as "ls" to cmd variable .
but, that variable is not working in the system command this is my problem

thanks in advance

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Old 01-24-2013
Pls use code tags as advised.
You did not read what I wrote. Put everything into a new variable and supply that (I think by reference) to the system call.
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Old 01-24-2013
try this.. not tested
char str[10];
char cmd[20];
printf("Enter the string : ");
sprintf(cmd,"whereis %s",str);

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Old 01-24-2013
thanks a lot Mr.Kamaraj great job..
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Old 01-24-2013
You should not use scanf to read lines, scanf has a list of problems that are too long to get into. (sscanf is safer.)

char buf[512];

fgets(buf, 512, stdin); // Read a line
if(strchr(buf, '\n')) (*strchr(buf, '\n'))=0; // Get rid of newline

// You now have a string in 'buf'.

In general, if you want to use scanf, you should use fgets to get a whole line, then use sscanf to scan the string rather than the file to avoid buffering problems.
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