Unable to mount CD rom

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Hammer & Screwdriver Unable to mount CD rom


Am trying to mount a cdrom which has a blank cd into it, using the command:
mount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt

Am getting this error:
# df -Ig

Filesystem    GB blocks      Used      Free %Used Mounted on
/dev/hd4           0.50      0.19      0.31   38% /
/dev/hd2           5.00      3.52      1.48   71% /usr
/dev/hd9var        0.50      0.35      0.15   70% /var
/dev/hd3           2.00      0.08      1.92    4% /tmp
/dev/fwdump        0.25      0.00      0.25    1% /var/adm/ras/platform
/dev/hd1           0.25      0.00      0.25    1% /home
/dev/hd11admin      0.25      0.00      0.25    1% /admin
/proc                 -         -         -    -  /proc
/dev/hd10opt       0.50      0.25      0.25   50% /opt
/dev/livedump      0.25      0.00      0.25    1% /var/adm/ras/livedump

# mount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt

mount: 0506-324 Cannot mount /dev/cd0 on /mnt: The device is not ready for operation.

When i changed the cd (which have something), it is mounted without any problem.

I need to burn an bootable mksysb using this drive. can anyone help me to do this please.
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You mount a filesystem, not a device, the device/partition should not be mounted when you create a filesystem on it, man mkisofs for more detail
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