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Taking System Backup

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Old 09-12-2001
Taking System Backup

Hello Guys:
Would like to know how to take an entire system backup.. Here is the entire scenario.. I am working on a system that is AIX RS6000 M80 Server. We have loaded the OS and installed all the patches and then we took an entire system backup. We also verified by restoring the same successfully.. The next part of the plan is to install Oracle Server, create a database and then take another backup. Have the same restored and once verified, keep the tapes safely for disaster recovery.. After successfully creatiing the Oracle DB, I tried taking the backup but it only takes rootvg and not the oraclevg.. I am only DBA and not a sys admin.. Can anyone be able to identify my situation and give me steps in detail, I would really appreciate it.. The mksysb does backup of rootvg only and there is no more options to it..
Thanks, ST
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Old 09-12-2001
I am not an AIX guy but surely you can take a simple backup using standard UNIX tools like cpio or tar. Both offline and online backups are possible with these granted you put the the tablespaces in the correct mode first.

Alternatively you can use the Oracle backup tools EBU (Oracle7) or RMAN (Oracle8) but in that case you need a more advanced backup solution like ADSM etc.
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Old 09-12-2001
I found it..
It is savevg for backing up any other volume groups..
Thanks, ST

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