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Ahem: whatever you use as a shell, this is not syntactically correct.

I could point out to you one error after the other, but honestly: you got nothing right, not even by a far shot. I suggest you get some introduction to shell scripting (there are lots of them on the net and there are lots of books dealing with the subject) and start reading. It is too time-consuming to explain this in a forum-thread.

I suggest you read such a source, try some example and if you have a specific question you come back and ask - we will be glad to help you.

I hope this helps.

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If I asked you to read the man pages of cpio... it was understood that mv is not to be used for what you want... and UNIX is not DOS, an rm is not reversible... so follow bakunin's advice and read those man pages, and come back explaining why you will use the command you chose... Then we can discuss the pertinence and give you advices and then comment the code you submit...

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