Help using head cmd, print 20 then the next 20 etc

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Error [solved] Help using head cmd, print 20 then the next 20 etc

Hi all,

I have a list of text, single column and I want to print the first 20, then the second 20 and so on. I was pointed to xarg to help with this, but can't get my head around how to use it.

Would be great if it would put them into separate files with a certain name.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I've just found that split does what I need it to do.
split -l 10 file.txt

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Unsure fo your request

The 'more' command displays a screenful of data. And there are options to control how much data, or how many lines.
The 'head' command will display the first x number of lines. There are options to start at a particular line number.

You need to proved more info and samples.
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Basically, I had 400 and odd lines of short text. I wanted to split these lines into multiple files that each contained 20 unique lines that were take sequentially from the original file.

Split has done this for me easily, just wasn't aware of it.

Don't know if I can mark this thread as solved or not.

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