'No Matches' error in FTP

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'No Matches' error in FTP


I am trying to execute a script as below

I am trying to connect to a server through a secure connection and then type the command as below

/usr/local/bin/sftp -t 2800 $REMOTE_SERVER $REMOTE_USER  <<EOD > $MAINDATA/FTPLog

              cd $HOME_DOWNLOAD
              ls `echo $1 | cut -d"." -f1`*.xml

after executing this script , in the out put file I have created as FTPLog i got a message that

error message 'No matches'

i have checked that all the ftp connections are working fine. Could you please advise why this mesage is coming up. If am doing something wrong.?
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Perhaps the case or some part of your file name generator is missing the files up there? Make a copy of your input, try an ls with wild cards just to see what it sees.
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/usr/local/bin/sftp -t 2800 $REMOTE_SERVER $REMOTE_USER  <<EOD > $MAINDATA/FTPLog

What is between your beginning 'here' tag(i.e. <<EOD) and the closing 'here' tag(i.e. EOD)?
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My sftp has a different man page, "user@host" not "host user", no -t: Man Page for sftp (linux Section 0) - The UNIX and Linux Forums

I assumed the EOD was down below, as cd and ls are ftp-legal and << expands `cmd`.

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