How do I list kernel module parameter values?

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How do I list kernel module parameter values?

I have problem with parameter configuration.
My question is after the configuration, how to check if successfully change the value or not?

I saw someone has the same question, and followed his steps.
Original thread:

Which macL mentioned that:
I am working with the igb driver, and need to know the status of the InterruptThrottleRate. dmseg prints a message saying it is off.
I use the following command:
dmesg -n 8
modprobe igb InterruptThrottleRate=0

Though the dmesg didn't show any message related to what macL saw.
Is there any step wrong or missing during the command?

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try this:
# parm.shl  display kernel module parameters
# usage ./parm.shl [module name]

# set module or modules to display
default=' '  # display all modules
[ $# -eq 1 ] && default="$1"  # display one module

# get a list of modules
fgrep "$default" /proc/modules | awk '{print $1}' > mod.lis

# process list of modules
while read module
  printf "%s %s\n" "Module:" "$module"
  # is there a parameter directory
  [ ! -d "dir" ] && printf "\t%s\n" 'No parameters' && continue
  # display the content
  ls "$dir" | while read parameter 
     printf "\t%s %s\n" "$parameter -->"  "$(cat ${dir}/${parameter} )"
done < mod.lis

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After execution, I get "No parameters" for all modules
And it displayed "rm.shl command not find" at first line
I set [module name]=igb

Is anyone has further information about it? Thanks...
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Please post the script you ran and the command line you typed to run the script. If you got error messages, please post the exact error messages verbatim.
Please also post what Operating System and version you are running and what Shell you use.

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