Moving all files in a directory to another directory and archiving them

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Moving all files in a directory to another directory and archiving them

Hi All,

i need to move all files in a directory to some other directory and need to archive them,,,

Ex.. Source_Path/my_directory/
files in it are... acw.csv
bge.dat etc ..and we dont know how many files does my_directory contains and all are with different extensions i need to move all these files in my_directory to archival directory and zip these files...

Thanks in advance...
Siva Santosh
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What have you tried so far? Where is the problem?
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mv /source_dir/* /archival_path/; gzip /archival_path/ &

...with this i am able to move all files but i am unable to compress them..

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mv /source_dir/* /archival_path
gzip /archival_path/*[!gz] 2> /dev/null

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This is arching all the files inside the archival directory
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From what I've read that's what you wanted. It is only archiving those files which are not already gzipped.
If that's not what you wanted, explain or alter the code yourself. Add a tar before you gzip them, whatever.
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mv /source_dir/* /archival_path/ ; tar -cf tarname.tar /archival_path/; gzip tarname.tar ;

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