How to set default permission

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How to set default permission

Hey Guys,

First post here. I just started learning UNIX a few weeks ago.

My issue: I use FreeNAS which is based off of UNIX in my network environment which hosts files that my team needs to access. Each user has their own login but we are all part of a group called "ITLIC".

I have a share under the path of /mnt/itstorage and used the command
chown -R root:ITLIC itstorage
chmod 777 itstorage

All the files and subfolders became open to everyone. The issue is that once a user creates a new file/folder, only they have access to those files and the others can not edit them.

I am not sure if a umask command needs to be ran on each user to set the default permission to read/write/execute.

If someone can point me in the right direction as to what file i need to manipulate and which code i need that would be of GREAT help.

I want everyone to have access to read/write/execute under any folder/file.

Looking forward to a response. Thanks!
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777 is not the magic sledgehammer to fix all permissions problems. It generally causes more problems than it solves by opening permissions far too wide, not to mention. It's also a way of avoiding the problem of figuring out the proper way to do it.

What permissions and owners did that folder used to be?

What permissions and ownerships do you get when a new user creates a folder?

Adding users to the correct groups, etc. may allow them to access the root folder, as well as folders they create.
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all the users are part of the group ITLIC. The ITLIC group is suppose to have full permissions.

when one of my other users creates a file/folder, I only have Read access.
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When they create folders, do they belong to the correct group, ITLIC? Or do they only belong to themselves?
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A umask of 007 would allow them to create writable folders as long as they're created for a group which all the users belong to. I have no idea how to put this into freenas however. The only places umask is mentioned for that is tftp and ftp...
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drwxr-sr-x 3 abaldor ITLIC 3 Jul 11 12:45 Testing Folder/

the user that created this file is abaldor and the group is listed correct. But it shows up as read only for others.
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umask would not appear to matter, here.

The group-sticky bit is set, therefore umask was not involved in its creation -- umask never sets the group-sticky bit. freeNAS imposed other permissions on it later.

Ergo this is is a freeNAS question and not a UNIX one.

FreeNAS lists 3 different kinds of shares. What kind are you using?

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