Adding column with values

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Adding column with values

Dear all,

I need your help for my question please

I have without header (space separated) and need to add two colomns at the beginning with values
my file look like :
rs1 a t 0.6
rs2 a c 0.3
rs3 t g 0.8

I need to a new file like:
1 100 rs1 a t 0.6
1 100 rs2 a c 0.3
1 100 rs3 t g 0.8

thanks a lot

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try this
awk -v col1="1" -v col2="100" '{ print col1 " " col2 " " $0 }' file

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sorry it doesnt work i got the same file
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please post the output and you need to capture the output to a new file

awk -v col1="1" -v col2="100" '{ print col1 " " col2 " " $0 }' file > outputfile

 cat infile|sed '1,$s/^/1 100/g' > outputfile


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