help with sed command

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help with sed command

hi ,

I have a directory where the files were listed in format directory, date,etc.. and then : buildname->/apps/versions/buildname/build number

I use the below awk command which deletes all junk so it gives me /apps/versions/buildname/build number

ls -ltr |awk '{print $11}'|sort

I only want the buildname and build number only from /apps/versions/buildname/build number.

can someone tell how to add sed command to the above awk command to achieve it, or any other way to do it.

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Please tell us what system, what shell and show some sample input and output lines.
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ls -lrt | awk -F\/ '/\//{print $(NF-1) $NF }'

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Thanks @itkamaraj,
Below command works.
ls -lrt | awk -F\/ '/\//{print $(NF-1) $NF }'

, just gave me the build name and build number.

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The above solution is simple. Just to fool around:

ls -ltr |awk '{print $11}' | tr '/' '\n' | tail -2 | tr '\n' '/' | sed 's/\/$//g'

works too.

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ls -lrt | awk -F\/ '/\//{print $(NF-1) $NF }'

This gave be the build name and build number but without space, how do i get to display build name with build # without space between build name and build number.

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Try print $(NF-1),$NF

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