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Old 05-09-2012
Perl - adding columns to file

I have a file in which I need to add more columns to based on a key in the first file:



I would like to create the following output:


I'm trying to program this in Perl. My first thought is the following:
1. Fill an array with the keys in file1
2. open file2 and loop through the array on each row until i get a match then put the columns I want into a Hash of Arrays
3. Go back to the first file and apply the columns that i need to the end of the file.

However, the data sets that I'm working with are extremely big, and time is definitely an issue. Also, I think that my logic above is not the best way of doing it.

Is there a fast way to do this?

Thanks in advance guys and gals!!
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Old 05-12-2012
  1. I would fill an array with the keys of col 1 in file 2 with a string consisting of fields 3 "," and 4
  2. Then open file 1 and for each line print the line appended with the lookup value in the array with the key in col1
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