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You would need to customize, here users ( I defined the rules... users=8charmax and std) so:
 last|cut -c 1-9|sort|uniq

would give you users that do connect to the box...
Your job is then to see what they have in their $HOME...
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cat /etc/passwd | cut -d: -f1

this is what i have done so far... Smilie

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What about :
grep home /etc/passwd| cut -d: -f1

Did you try my command line using last?
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thanks but still i need a for cycle which will tell if the home directory of user is empty or not
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Lets expand your script a bit and get the likely fields available on a per-username basis inside a loop. It's not a "for loop" because we would not use "for" with an open-ended list.

cat /etc/passwd|cut -d: -f1,3,6| tr ':' ' ' | while read username uid userhome
        echo "Username: ${username}"
        echo "UID: ${uid}"
        echo "Home: ${userhome}"

I think you will need the UID field from /etc/passwd. I don't know much about your system but non-user accounts usually have a UID less than 100 (or have a negative UID).

I would never expect a user home directory to be totally empty because there should be the profile files there. Can you think about it and maybe find an example on your system.

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