Check number of files that were created before a date?

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Check number of files that were created before a date?

Hi all,

In a directory I have a lot of files created in history. However do I check the number of files that were created before a designated date?

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One way to do this would be "find ! -newer"

Most find commands (depending on your Unix/Linux) implement a -newer switch.

find . -newer <date point file> -print

The <date point file> is used as a reference of its inode contents for a date reference. All files newer than that are found.

By using a bang (!) in front of the switch you can invert the function meaning you will list all files older than the reference.


find . ! -newer <file> -print

Hope that helps.

Using commands you can also tweak the inode contents of your date reference file to produce a date/time of your choosing.

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