awk script printing each record twice

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awk script printing each record twice

i have a find command piped to an awk script, I'm expecting it printing the matching record one time but it's doing it twice:

the following is my code:

find directoryname | awk 'BEGIN { FS="/" } /.*\.[Pp][Dd][Ff]$/ || /.*\.[Dd][Oo][Cc]$/ { printf "%s/%s\n", $(NF-1), $NF }

it gave me the correct output, but just printing it twice, any helpppss?

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Hi ymc1g11,

It seems to work for me. What is output of the find command?

EDIT to point out that one reason could be that there is no slash (so one field) and printing $0 and $1 (both same content).
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Try to remove one of these two filters and try again
Originally Posted by ymc1g11
find directoryname | awk 'BEGIN { FS="/" } /.*\.[Pp][Dd][Ff]$/ || /.*\.[Dd][Oo][Cc]$/ { printf "%s/%s\n", $(NF-1), $NF }

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