unix script with SQL statement problem

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I am just tried to use my original script and based on your comment,

echo Input file list to check:
read filelist
for file in `cat $filelist.txt`
echo "select FILENAME from FILE_TABLE where filename like '${file}'%;" >> output_file.txt
echo Completed Check!!

The filelist is:

the output will be:

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

Is it possible to make the output look better? e.g file and time on the same link?
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Your select-statment only fetches the column FILENAME, not ORIGMODIFYDATE...
To answer your question we need to know what database system, and maybe what tool (SQL-client) you use to retrive the data. Your script creates some statments but does not issue them against the db.
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all, it work now.

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