Awk pattern with letters and forward slash

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Awk pattern with letters and forward slash


I have a tab delimited file "test.txt" like this:
id1 342 C/T
id2 7453 T/A/-/G/C
id3 531 T/C
id4 756 A/T/G
id5 23 A/G
id6 717 T/A/C
id7 718 C/T/A

And so on, with the possible choices for letters being A,C,T,G.
I would like to exclude from my file all the lines that do not have exactly any of the letters split by forward slash, followed by any of the letters. So I would like my file to look like this:

id1 342 C/T
id3 531 T/C
id5 23 A/G

I have not been able to find a good regex for this. I have tried:
awk '{  if($3 !='/([ACTG]\)/([ACTG]/)' {print}}'  test.txt

But it does not work, can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you for your help.

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$ awk '$3 ~ /^[ACTG]\/[ACTG]$/' file
id1 342 C/T
id3 531 T/C
id5 23 A/G

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Thank you very much Scott! I was making it more complicated with useless curly brackets. Thanks!
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You were close. The real difference is in using the match operator (~) instead of the equals operator (=).
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