Help with a few misc. admin things. LINUX

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Help with a few misc. admin things. LINUX

Hey guys, I've been doing some study guides and practice exams for some certs, had some friends give me some things to do in preperation as well. I have compiled a few of the questions I was unable to figure outSmilie, I was hoping to get some help here. I am running Fedora16. If you need any other system info let me know, Thank you, very much appreciated.

-Change log files to 2 weeks and compress.
-Make a custom kernel without isdn or quota. Make as boot choice in grub.
-Write a perl script to find and delete core dump files.
-Have your delete core dump files script run every day at 4:00am. Have it log to /var/log/messages.
-Set your delete core dump files script to be a daemon that starts at runlevel (target unit) 3.
-Compress a folder and its contents to a single file.
-Add a user and ensure that when new users are created they automatically get a file of your choosing in their home dir.
-Set the default system umask so that user-created files get the default permissions of 711 and their history size is 200 instead of 1000.
-Install lshw and have it run daily and output to /var/log/lshw.log
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What have you tried?
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Im just lost as to how to do these operations in general. I know how to write simple scripts and such but pretty much lost on how to do the above. any help is appreciated.

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